Córtex - II Sintra Short Film Festival - 27-30 October - Centro Cultural Olga Cadaval

The Festival

Córtex, Sintra’s International Short Film Festival, is now accepting applications for its second edition. The film fest, organized by Associação Cultural e Teatral Reflexo in partnership with Junta de Freguesia de Santa Maria e São Miguel and Câmara Municipal de Sintra, will be screening selected short films of fiction, animation, documentary and experimental at Centro Cultural Olga Cadaval from the 23th to the 30th of October 2011. The first three days of Córtex are dedicated to screening all participating films. The judging and award ceremony takes place on the last day.

The Córtex festival aims to encourage new projects, providing a platform to showcase new talent and creativity in the art of cinema and documentary making. In its second year running, Córtex is open to international participants, accepting work produced worldwide.

The festival includes 2 awards. The first award is designated as the Jury’s award. The Jury for the films in competition is composed by professionals in the areas of communication, cinema and art history. The second award is designated as the People’s Choice Award. The audience is completely responsible for selecting the winner of this award.

Córtex makes no distinction between the various participating cinematographic genres. The festival is open to national and international short films of fiction, animation, documentary and experimental cinema.

After each day of the festival, the evening will continue at Espaço Reflexo, offering a chilled, delightful evening with Dj’s and other musical projects. Córtex – II Short Film Festival of Sintra has opened registration nationally and internationally to all who wish to participate with his film work.



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